WebRTC for the Universal Windows Platform

This is the central point for documentaion for WebRTC on UWP. Here you can find pointers to samples, links to the complete SDK and development how-tos.

Some repositories which can be cloned independently have readme.md files that list basic requirements. In general those repositories link back to this site for more detailed information.

Please submit any documentation issues or requests to this repository.

Current Status

The latest working branch releases/m71. This branch currently includes support for Unity & HoloLens with known issues (see below). Please direct PRs to this branch.

Supported Platforms

The following platforms are supported in the current release:

Branching & WebRTC.org Syncs

WebRTC UWP is periodically merged with the WebRTC.org source to maintain currency. The branches named releases/m71 are merged with the Chrome milestone of the same number. The features and API for these releases are equivalent to those in the same version of Chrome. For more information on the features in any given branch see the WebRTC release notes.

Known Issues